Monday, January 17, 2011

The Return to the north

The Return to the north
Monday January 17, 2011

The return to the north where there is lots
of snow.  We are here in New Jersey for
a couple of days.  I have to say it was wierd
coming back to my house. 
All different kinds of emotions ran through
my brain.  We seem to be at a spot that we
have not moved ahead.  God is good though
he has a plan.  My faith is in Him.  He will carry
us through this season.
I will be moving my blog to new address. 
So come on over as I begin my new adventure 
in Kentucky.

There has been lots going on since October.
Moving to Kentucky and living with my Mom
has been an adjustment.  God is good he has
placed in a great church in Kentucky.
We are truly blessed.

Our new home will be called Faith Lane Farm
You can follow our journey.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Creek

The Creek
Wednesday December 7, 2010

The last warm day we had I took
a walk down by the creek. Follow as we
walk through the gate.

Looking at all the little things down by the creek.
Its always interesting to see how crazy the
roots of trees will grow by the water.
For this creek its been awhile since it had
water in its bed. It also seems they grow
rocks here.

Sunday, December 05, 2010


December 5, 2010

Joy! Joy!
Light snow here in Kentucky.

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Raw Milk
Thursday December 2, 2010

Raw milk is something I love to drink.
Now, that I am surrounded by milk farms
I am hoping to get milk.

Well, we visited a small Amish farm
I got a gallon of fresh milk.
Joy! Joy!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Living in Kentucky

Living in Kentucky
Wednesday November 25, 2010

We are done with the move.
We have been in Kentucky for about
a week. Its been a very busy time for us.
Putting our belongings into storage.
Finding places for things at my mom's
Our new adventure has begun.
We will start new relationships and
rebuild old ones. It is delightful to be
surrounded by siblings once again.
I love the feeling of a large family.

Our church family has been enlarged,
now it will include two churches.
The one we have in New Jersey and the
new one Mill Creek Baptist Church in

Friday, October 22, 2010

Getting Ready For the move

Getting Ready For the Move
Friday October 22, 2010

Moving from New Jersey to Kentucky
will be quite a change.
I am going from living in the woods, to the
rolling hills of Kentucky.

I have to say this week I am is liking the
open prairie feeling.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Saving the children

Saving the Children
Friday October 15, 2010

Saving the children is something that lays
on my heart everyday.
I am not talking about my biological
children. I am talking about the children who
are not eating today.
There are people in Nicaragua who are scraping
the garbage for food.
This just bring tears to my eyes.

If you think you live on a tight budget.
There are people who are worse off than you.

There some things that God will lay on your
heart to do. I believe I will go to Nicaragua
to help the starving children.

My church has been involved with Beyond Partnership
in working with some pastors over there.

Please pray for my vision to help the people of
Nicaragua. My husband and want to teach people
how to grow their own food. Then there will not
be any more starving people.